Intensive RNC and CCRN Certification
Exam Review Course

3-Day Seminar
NCC Core Exam option available for qualified applicants 

Identifying the At-Risk Newborn
Comprehensive Systems Review
Treatment Options - Multiple Disorders
Physiology Focused Identification/Care
Care-Focused Content...

Program Objectives 

Through Lecture and Discussion This Program Will:
  • Review high-risk antepartum/ intrapartum maternal factors that indicate potential neonatal risk.
  • Identify physiologic changes and common problems that occur with transition to extrauterine life.
  • Define, differentiate and formulate plans of care for major neonatal disorders such as PPHN, RDS, PDA, hypo/hyperglycemia; congenital heart disease; acute renal failure, NEC, TEF.
  • Discuss hematologic problems, lab values and management of DIC, anemia and thrombocytopenia.
  • Review key immunologic concepts including inflammatory response, immunity, differentials, and sepsis.
  • Identify etiologies, signs/symptoms and plan of restoration of fluid and electrolyte disturbances.
  • Describe the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, assessment and management of neurologic disorders including, IVH/PVH, seizures, HIE and hydrocephalus.
  • Understand the pathophysiology underlying GI disorders including hyperbilirubinemia, NEC, and TEF. 

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Who Should Attend?  
  • Nurses needing a review or overall orientation to NICU care situations
  • Level II and III NICU and Special Care Nursery Nurses
  • Clinical Specialists
  • Professionals involved in the care and follow-up of at-risk neonates
  • Nurses planning to take the RNC exam
  • Nurses preparing for neonatal CCRN exam
  • Nurses needing recertification credits
Fast paced, comprehensive and intense review of physiology, pathophysiology, signs/symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the high-risk neonate. This program will refresh your knowledge base, improve your assessment skills for clinical practice and assist you as a caregiver as well as prepare you for the RNC and CCRN exams.  Synergy Model is reviewed.
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by Dr. M. Terese Verklan
NCC on site examination is limited to participants who:
Attended one or both days of the PEC NICU course
Applied to NCC, have been accepted, and have an NCC NICU exam admission letter for the PEC site
NCC exam application is specific to PEC course/date attended.
You must apply to NCC a minimum of 3 weeks prior to course.
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